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Membership Advantages

Join us today to reap the benefits of a CHLA membership:

  • Networking and business opportunities
  • Significant discounts on meeting registration fees
  • Reduced fees for secondary members
  • Frequent free networking events for members
  • Networking and business opportunities
  • Immediate access to
    • “member’s only” section
    • Member contact information
  • Downloadable tools and resources

CHLA fees are levied on an individual basis. Organizations must nominate a “primary member”, whose responsibilities will include providing the organization’s corporate profile data. Additional ” members” may also be nominated from each participating organization.

The annual membership fee for a:
Primary member is $375.
Additional member(s) from the same organization is $275.

The CHLA is a non-profit organization. Membership fees cover mailings, newsletters, the website, expenses associated with CHLA business, and expenses connected with the meetings not met by registration fees.

Membership Requirements

The CHLA invites organizations active in the Canadian healthcare industry to join us. Membership is exercised by individual representatives who must have ties to negotiation of licenses or other transactions, and/or management of strategic alliances for the organizations they represent.

Strategic alliances are understood as as being linked to business relationships involving:

  • licensing-in / licensing-out of technologies, products or services
  • co-promotion / co-marketing of products or services
  • co-development of products or services
  • divestment or acquisition of technologies or products
  • Contractual manufacturing of products
  • Providing services to support the above (intellectual property, legal services, regulatory affairs)

Organizations eligible for membership include:

  • Companies that develop or supply prescription and non-prescription healthcare products.
  • Companies that promote or sell to pharmacies, or to physicians .
  • R&D organizations seeking to out-license healthcare technologies, products or services in Canada.
  • University or other research-based institutions active in healthcare.
  • Organizations and consultants who facilitate strategic alliances.
  • Companies that provide financing for the healthcare industry.

New members are subject to approval by the Membership Committee.

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